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Project Description




A smart city is such a city, where people live better, a city which does not waste energy resources, which does not pollute the environment, where we feel safe.

The Smart City system covers all urban infrastructure. It is built on digital technologies, which enable optimal operation of the system. The feedback which these technologies provide, allows effective setting of each of the components. This is the only way to achieve a high-quality operation of the entire system at maximum savings.

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Basic elements of Smart city:

  • Smart school
  • Transportation and parking
  • Intelligent lighting
  • Charging station for electric vehicles
  • Intelligent control of public space and security
  • Intelligent control of buildings
  • Data centre

OMEXOM GA Energo covers comprehensive implementation of supply of the Smart City system – from feasibility studies, through project preparation, installation, training, up to subsequent service and maintenance.

Each delivery is carried out individually in accordance with specific needs of the customer. Appropriate technologies are chosen with regard to the already installed systems, in order to achieve maximum compatibility.

Smart City Polygon

OMEXOM GA Energo became the co-author of a unique technology project, Smart City Polygon.

In the area of the company operation of public infrastructure is simulated, controlled by the Smart City technology. The aim of the project is the promotion of smart technologies and their application in normal operation of towns and villages. Polygon is accessible to the public in the form of guided tours.

The second author of the project is E.ON Česká republika.

Details of the project and the option to book the tour may be found on the website

Project Details