Na Střílně 1929/8, 323 00 Plzeň - Bolevec


Project Description


Scope of activities:

  • construction, renovation, modernisation of substations and transformer stations
    • comprehensive implementation of orders – from the project through to the assembly
  • replacement of electricity metres
    • the company is the contractual partner of ČEZ Distribuční služby, s.r.o. and E.ON Servisní, s.r.o., for whom it carries out exchange of electricity meters in selected regions.


Specific technologies:

  • PRIMTECH 3D software
    • the programme enables 3D projection

The stated activities are ensured by the Substation Projects division and the Substation Assembly division.

Both divisions have a seat in Brno, the Substation Projects division moreover has a branch in Prague.

The activities of the divisions are aimed at the Czech market as well as abroad – mainly the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Germany.

Project Details