A report of damage to a high voltage power line at the junction of the D1 and D46 motorways near Vyškov arrived in the morning of Friday, 25 June. Thanks to prompt action by the OMEXOM GA Energo emergency team, the line was repaired and the motorway reopened for traffic in the afternoon. “Strong winds blew down an EG.D high voltage line pole. Our emergency services team immediately went to the site to carry out emergency repairs. The fast and professional work by our team in cooperation with EG.D employees meant the damaged pole was replaced and the high voltage line put back into operation,” said Zdeněk Židek, CEO of OMEXOM GA Energo. The accident had completely closed the D1 motorway and quick action was needed to restore operation. The good job was appreciated on Twitter by Karel Havlíček, Minister of Transport: “Well done! A few minutes ago, traffic on the D46 in the D1 to D46 from Brno to Olomouc direction was restored without restriction thanks to the power engineers and the Directorate of Roads and Motorways. All the motorways are now in operation.” OMEXOM GA Energo employees are currently working to restore power lines in all the areas impacted by the tornado. Dozens of installers and technicians are on the site, trying to get electricity back to homes and businesses.