OMEXOM GA Energo s.r.o. is a major provider of electrical installations for power producers and distributors.

It specializes in the repair and construction of power lines of all voltage levels (LV, MV, HV) and the construction, renovation and modernization of substations and transformers.

We provide an emergency service for line constructions in the power distribution and transmission system.

Our main customers include ČEPS, a.s., ČEZ Group, E.ON Česká republika, s.r.o., PREdistribuce, a.s., leading manufacturing companies, construction companies, infrastructure equipment and building suppliers, private investors, cities, municipalities and others.

Our corporate policy building blocks are quality, OHS and environmental protection. These policies govern the company’s entire professional team, which includes almost four hundred specialists.

The company started its operations in 1993, and now has 16 branches all over the Czech Republic and a subsidiary, OMEXOM Slovakia.

In 2015, we joined the Omexom brand, which is part of VINCI, a world leader in concessions, construction and energy. The Omexom brand includes companies operating in electricity generation, distribution and transformation in 36 countries.

Company milestones

Company founded.

Cooperation with Gesellschaft für Elektrische Anlagen Leitungsbau Süd GmbH (GA LBS).

Capital contribution by GA to REKS Plzeň (agreement with the strategic partner GA LBS).

Founding of the wholly-owned subsidiary GA Slovensko.

Company name changed to GA Energo technik.
Merger of EMS ČL and GA Energo technik.

Acquisition of JM-montáže.

Merger of JM-montáže and GA Energo technik.

Integration into the global Vinci Group.

Joined the global Omexom brand, company name changed to OMEXOM GA Energo s.r.o.
Joined the global Omexom brand, company name changed to OMEXOM GA Energo s.r.o. and OMEXOM Slovensko s.r.o.