Two damaged poles on the V553/554 line near Olomouc, the closure of the D35 motorway, the construction of an emergency transmission line (ETL), and the ten-day construction of this line. This is the result of an accident involving a tractor that crashed into the HV poles in the Velká Bystřice and Velký Týnec section on 1 November. The emergency repair of the V553/554 line was carried out by OMEXOM GA Energo, which covers emergency work for ČEZ, a.s., the owner of the line. The accident was reported at around 5 p.m. on 1 November.

“Shortly after the accident was reported, preparatory work began on the warehouse, securing equipment, transferring capacities, and bringing designers and the first work team to the site, Unfortunately, in the dark, it was impossible to determine the exact extent of the damage. The workers and designers arrived on site at 6:30 a.m. the following day to find out that not one but two poles had been damaged. It was therefore necessary to double the equipment and try to transport additional workers to the site,” said Ivan Šiko, Head of HV Installation at OMEXOM GA Energo, describing the emergency intervention. It was first necessary to secure the damaged poles to prevent them falling. The damaged poles were held up by two cranes and, with the help of mounting platforms and another crane, the installers gradually removed the wires, cutting them where they were over the motorway. “The work was complicated by rain and an early sunset, so the repair was completed at about 8 p.m.,” Šiko continued. After the poles were cut away and the wires removed, construction of the emergency transmission line (ETL) could begin. The project designers prepared the design for this line extremely quickly, and construction began on 8 November. Within 10 days, 13 ETL poles were erected covering a distance of 901.64 m. The construction of the ETL meant that power supplies could be restored in record time.