Prague, 10 March 2022

With uninterrupted operation and minimum constraints caused by the project, the restoration work on Pražačka transformer station in Prague-Vysočany was being done from January 2017.  OMEXOM GA Energo prepared the design and performed the renovation work ordered by PREdistribuce, a.s., the Investor. 

The official “reopening” of the renovated transformer station took place on 8 March 2022, with Pavel Elis, the Managing Director of PRE, Mr Milana Hampl, the chairman of PREdistribuce (the Investor), Mr Milan Válek, the head of Site Preparation department, Mr Zdeněk Židek, the Managing Director of OMEXOM GA Energo, and other guests present at the ceremony. 

“I’m happy that the renovation of Pražačka transformer station has been completed and the transformer station can now be put to full use. It plays a substantial role in the energy supplies for Prague so the work was done with uninterrupted operation and we tried to minimize any constraints on energy supplies,“ said Zdeněk Židek, the Managing Director of OMEXOM GA Energo. 

The retrofitting of the existing 110/22kV transformer station Prague – PRAŽAČKA included a gradual replacement of the existing 110 and 22kV substations. “The existing switchboard in the 22 kV substations was replaced with a new, gas-insulated switchboard with the total of 60 arrays in three sections. The existing enclosed 110kV single-phase substation was replaced with a new, three-phase enclosed substation with 7 arrays,” said Jiří Buriánek, the Manager of Substations & Assembly Division of OMEXOM GA Energo. The project included a complete retrofitting of the control system and protections, a renovation of the building’s cladding, and construction of new sanitary facilities and rooms for protection and control systems.

OMEXOM GA Energo prepared both the building permit documentation and the construction drawings and documentation.