We are always searching for new ways to reach out to students and job seekers, and so this year OMEXOM GA Energo had its first ever presentation at the Key to Opportunities jobs and education trade fair. This event, intended primarily for secondary school students, took place on 12 April in the TJ Lokomotiva hall and, after a one-year break when it was not possible to hold the trade fair, there was great interest on the part of both students and the general public.

“IT and electrical engineering students were the most frequent visitors to our stand, but there were also students from the postal service secondary school and the tourism secondary school, and even some ladies from Ukraine looking for work,” says Martina Šilpochová from the OMEXOM GA Energo human resources department. At the blue stand, students and other job seekers learned about the positions we are currently seeking to fill, and what the company actually does. The more adventurous among them had the chance to try replacing a substation insulator in virtual reality right at the stand.

The trade fair also included thematically focused lectures, including ones on removing the consequences of the tornado that hit Moravia, and electromobility. Jakub Zoul and Miroslav Silvar, designers at the company, led the lecture.

The next events with a OMEXOM GA Energo presentation will be the Job Opportunities Trade Fair at the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň, which will take place on 26 April 2022, and the iKariéra Trade Fair of Czech Technical University in Prague on 3 May 2022.