A sabotage group attack on a substation and other critical infrastructure sites was the theme of a practical training session at Smart City Polygon located on the outskirts of Plzeň at OMEXOM GA Energo. The aim of the training, which took place on 23 June 2022, was to demonstrate the ability of smart technologies to protect critical infrastructure from attacks of this kind.

“This was a joint project by Axis Communications in cooperation with the Czech Critical Infrastructure Association and technology partners SECURITAS ČR, ZLD and Jalud Embedded. The event took place in the Smart City Polygon test area in Plzeň and showed both a typical situation when a building perimeter is penetrated by a trespasser or thief and the still hypothetical possibility of an armed attack by a sabotage group,” explains Marek Pavlica, Regional Communications Specialist at Axis Communications. 

The simulated attack at Smart City Polygon highlighted the functions of a comprehensive perimeter security system that comprises sensors, software elements and security services guarding a critical infrastructure building. Two model situations were demonstrated: a perimeter intrusion by a trespasser or thief with various scenarios, and an attack by an armed sabotage group. 

The technologies available at Smart City Polygon and deployed for perimeter protection included:

  • a fence with the PrimSec perimeter protection detection system, which can localise a climbing person and distinguish them from, for instance, an animal;
  • Axis fixed, PTZ and thermal surveillance cameras as basic image sensors that enable video analytics even in zero visibility (AXIS P1455-LE AXIS Q6100-E, Q6125-LE and AXIS M2035-LE, AXIS Q1952-E network thermal camera);
  • an AXIS D2050-VE network radar, which detects approaching trespassers in all conditions, and an AXIS C1310-E network horn speaker to deter unauthorized entry;
  • software applications installed directly in the cameras that perform various types of perimeter and object video analytics (AXIS Perimeter Defender, AXIS Object Analytics, AXIS Motion Detection); 
  • an advanced video analytics module using artificial intelligence to detect weapons;
  • the iVISEC modular software platform that integrates all the technologies and provides operators with shared situational awareness through a graphical interface;
  • the Remote Video Solutions (RVS) service from SECURITAS CR combining cutting-edge video cameras, remote operator monitoring and alarm-responsive activities, including the timely arrival of a response unit, in a single service. 

“All these technologies are deployed at Smart City Polygon, and we can design, install and ensure their subsequent operation and service for basically any company, city or municipality. The training showed that the technologies deployed can in many respects replace supervision by a physical person and reliably report a potential threat,” says Pavel Němeček, Smart City Polygon project manager.

Under the Crisis Management Act of the Czech Republic, critical infrastructure means a critical infrastructure element or group of elements, the disruption of which would have a serious impact on the security of the state, ensuring the basic needs of the population, people’s health or the economy. In practice, this may include, without limitation, power plants, waterworks, large hospitals, but also data centres and transport terminals.