Our company has received a silver certificate for regular participation in the national ‘Bike to work’ challenge and for supporting employees who choose this eco-friendly way of commuting.

‘Cycling increases our productivity, saves costs and improves health. But there is more to it. Support of the team and mutual competition about who would make more miles is also an important part of this challenge. We try to create the best conditions for our employees to cycle to work regularly. As a company, we pay great attention to sustainability and environmental protection; biking to work is a part of this effort,’ says CEO of OMEXOM GA Energo Zdenek Zidek.

A certified ‘Bike-friendly Employer’ is the European standard for companies trying to improve work conditions and support their employees to use their bikes instead cars to commute to work. The companies hold the certificate for one year. You can find more information at www.cyklozamestnavatel.cz.